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Meet the lovely town of Zadar and its fascinating combination of ancient buildings and modern installations. The cultural richness and the intriguing history of surprising monuments are located just a few minutes away from the most unique promenade in Croatia. While experiencing one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world (according to Alfred Hitchcock) you can literally walk on a light show produced with the power of sunlight and listen to a live concert featured by the Sea Organ where waves and tides produce music for every visitor to enjoy. This blend of the ancient and the contemporary offers a remarkable choice of event locations from a garden lounge on the city walls up to a former military warehouse for a dining experience.


The Zadar County is the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, and it connects the northern and southern coasts, which gives it an ideal position and distance from all the natural attractions, surrounding island groups and counties. Explore the national and natural parks with a variety of activities ranging from the most beautiful mountain roads, off-road adventures, one of the most impressive canyons in this part of the Croatian karst terrain, speleological monuments of nature and a breathtaking archipelago with its hidden coves and majestic cliffs.


The Zadar region will offer you a unique accommodation experience for all group sizes from an ultra-luxury island villa, boutique and heritage hotels in the heart of the city, 5-star luxury resorts located on a peninsula outside the city centre to a premium camping experience with more than 300 residential units. One of the highlights is a spa and wellness area on 6,000 square meters in one of the best spa hotels in Croatia, as well as a contemporary sports, entertainment, and event centre with an astonishing choice of venues, services, technology, and sports equipment.

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