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Dubrovnik is one of the most magical walled cities in the world. You will be in constant awe of its magnificent beauty and astonished by its rich history – from an autonomous Republic to the present world-famous status. Its history and its present are harmoniously connected – while getting acquainted with local customs and traditions and enjoying the surroundings of century-old buildings, you will be introduced to a new, modern, and innovative hospitality. The local people, while proudly keeping and praising their tradition and origin, will offer services with new visions and twists.


Apart from its breathtaking and famous old town, the north and south region of Dubrovnik with its islands are full of untouched oasis, secret spots, private locations, picturesque backdrops, fascinating local stories, and a unique gastronomic identity. This is where we find our inexhaustible source of inspiration for every custom-made experience.


Throughout its history, Dubrovnik has always been famous for its hospitality, which is why today it boasts with a total of 39 hotels in the category of 5 and 4-star properties as well as the status of the leading Croatian congress center. Taking into account your client’s preferences, we will use our local expertise to present and to help choose the perfect match among well-known international hotel brands, Croatian hotel chains and small family-owned hotels.

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With more than 10 years of experience and love and admiration towards our profession, we will collaborate closely with you and your team in creating joyful moments and professional services that will inspire, surprise, and reward your participants. This goes from presenting the perfect idea and preferred concept for your clients to the realization of all agreed services in our destinations.