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Šibenik, a charming small town and the oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic, known and loved by locals, has slowly and wisely opened its doors to the world and with 4 fortresses, 24 churches, and 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites, has become a recognized cultural city in Europe. Šibenik is reliving its golden age, without losing its charm, natural beauty, and awareness of its historical importance. There aren’t that many places in Croatia where one can feel such a strong sense of pride towards cities famous citizens who have brought fame to their hometown with remarkable artistic and sporting achievements. This pride is an essential part of every story, monument, venue and experience this town has to offer.


Cultural experiences of the Šibenik-Knin County are enriched with their natural attractions – you will be introduced to a world of wild nature and uninhabited land. The Krka National Park and the Kornati National Park with more than 80 islands, islets and cliffs are one of our many national treasures where we offer active, unique, and local experiences. The Fortresses of Šibenik - monuments of cultural heritage, also called “the Guardians of Šibenik” - are among the most unique venues in the country. An auditorium for 1000 participants, exhibition rooms and a breathtaking plateau overlooking the city are just a few of many spectacular options for all kinds of events.  


The fact that Šibenik has become one of Croatian’s rising stars in the tourism industry is also visible in their accommodation and convention offer. A contemporary Convention Centre with 6,000 square meters of conference space has placed Šibenik among one of the leading business destinations in Croatia. Whether you need a complex of hotels ranging from 243 up to a total of 1,325 rooms with an enviable number of event locations, a beautiful heritage hotel in the city center, a stylish design hotel in an award-winning superyacht marina or a camping beach resort, we have you covered, and our team will deliver all the necessary information and material.

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